Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

1. If the client does not inspect the carpets upon delivery, they have 2 days to file a complaint. Shiloh cleaning service company provider will not be liable for any complaints if they are not reported on time.

2. Carpets with incorrect or partial care instructions on the label will be cleaned using the recommended methods specific to the carpet’s material. Although the Company will make every attempt, it will not be held accountable for the outcome of using normal carpet cleaning techniques.

3. Although the company will make every attempt to remove stains, it cannot guarantee that all stains will be completely removed, particularly if spots have been ingrained in the carpet’s fibers from prior washings.

4. Minor changes to the carpets’ colors are possible after washing

5. The client is advised that washing may exacerbate any pre-existing damage, faults, and/or deterioration. The company disclaims all liability for any issues resulting from this, even if washing causes them to worsen.

6. The Company’s is not responsible for any damage such as wear and tear or discoloration, although we ensure that service is given at best level

7. A turnaround of four business days is typical. The client acknowledges that some carpets can take longer than expected.

8. Customer accepts that any items which are prone to damage are not the liability to the company.

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