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Sofa Cleaning Dubai

Sofas are some things that create the same impression of the living room. No one would ever want to sit on the dirty sofa. The Sofas in Dubai get easily dirty because of the type of atmosphere around and causing allergies and other health issues etc, if you are looking for professional Cleaning Services in Dubai.

You must contact us. We have a team of skilled and professional workers with good cleaning experience, and we guarantee you quality work.  Our team uses proper equipment for cleaning work like Vacuum, Gel, and some light chemicals to kill bacteria and get a fresh smell from Sofa. We also provide curtain steaming, mattress cleaning, deep cleaning, kitchen oven cleaning, disinfection service, etc.

Our cleaning process is fully Mechanized Cleaning with No Harmful chemicals. It may not be possible to clean the sofa properly by yourself. It is always better to get professionals to clean at least once a year or twice a year. Let us know If you are looking for professional and Affordable Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai. 

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Our Process of Cleaning Sofa

The Process to clean the sofa can be different as per the condition and type of sofa. For a normal sofa we use the following process to clean it:

Initial Information Collection: Here, we talk with the client and take the details related to the sofa, like Sofa Condition, Number of Seats, type of dust and specks of dirt and strain embedded on the couch, etc. After the detail, we make a plan/ strategy for better and more effective cleaning that lasts longer.

Onsite Survey: After the Initial information, Our experts will visit your home and check the sofa fabric, strain, dirt and dust bags, etc. Then he/she will decide what equipment and materials will be used to clean this sofa as per the quality and condition of the fabric. He/she will also decide what type of shop or shampoo to use, whether regular shampoo or any customized one, Water Sucking and Extra Brushing, etc. 

Pre-Cleaning: In the Pre-Cleaning process, One will use a high-pressure vacuum to clean dust and specks of dirt and other particles from the sofa’s surface. We also use a lint roller to remove the pet hairs that can not be removed with the Vaccum Cleaner. If there is any spots or strain, we use a customized chemical to clean them. Our chemicals are eco-friendly, and it does not harm human beings in any manner. We are the ones who provide the Best Cleaning Services in Dubai. 

Sofa Shampooing: We use the proper machine for Sofa Shampooing that deals with all kinds of fabric by changing its original color and maintaining the fabric status. A customized Shampoo will be used to clean the sofa. Light hot Water fixed with shampoo will be applied on the couch; this works better on the sofa and penetrates the oily particles and smell attached to it. Then the Machine will extract the mixture, dirt, and other particles. 

Final with Upholstery Brush: This is the backside of the sofa where the machine can not reach. This is the area that we clean manually using Upholstery Brush. All kinds of dirt and dust will be removed from the fabric, and your sofa will shine like never before.  We guarantee you the best result without causing any damage. Our team is professional and very experienced in this work. 

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Leather Sofa Cleaning Dubai

Cleaning Leather Sofa is completely different from cleaning a Fabric-based sofa. We offer a secure and effective clean for leather furniture that restores its natural timber and shine, adding years of life to your investment. you’ll stop undue wear and keep leather furniture looking nice. Our Certified Leather Specialists will carefully check your furniture’s leather type and choose products specifically designed to clean and take away soil build ups and different stain-causing components.

We’ll then condition and shield your leather to revitalize and fill again its natural beauty and feel. Let us know, If you are looking for professional Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai, We offer the best service with an affordable price quote. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

31 Home Sofa Recovered

The prices depend on many factors like Company, Worker’s skill and the location of your home etc. Some charge less while some charge more for the same service. On average, It can be between 70 AED to 100 AED.

The Costing varies as per the sofa’s fabric or leather sofa etc. If you are looking for Cleaning Services in Dubai. It would be somewhere between 50 AED to 100 AED

It is hard to clean the sofa at home if you don’t have enough knowledge & experience about cleaning. In a professional cleaning, you will see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your furniture and your home. 

This is a thing that we use almost every day.  You must make sure that you are using the germ-free and clean couch. Professional cleaning is the only way to get your couch deep cleaning and sanitizing. 

Yes, it can be removed using any customized shampoo or chemical. But make sure to use light chemicals or shampoo, Either it can damage the colour of that particular space. 

After Cleaning, The typical time to dry is around 8 to 12 hours. But this time can be reduced using a fan. But let it dry naturally and it would be much better. 

It depends on its exposure. But to maintain the hygiene level in the home It must be cleaned at least once or twice a year.